Two days ago, photos surfaced of Orlando Bloom paddle boarding with his girlfriend, Katy Perry. Nothing unusual about that except that Orlando was nude. Sadly there were black boxes over his junk. Of course the twitter sphere went nuts over analysing things and looking at the size of the shadow of his junk on his leg etc.
The internet being what it is we didn’t have to wait long for the uncensored ones to surface. People were asking “What was he thinking? Surely he knew he’d be photographed!” Maybe he did. He is a celebrity dating another even more famous celebrity after all but did we stop to think maybe he just doesn’t care?
People are saying it’s a publicity stunt but I think he genuinely doesn’t care. They had other friends with them and Orlando is just wandering around with his Bloom on full display.

The other shady part of the internet are saying things like “What’s the fuss about it’s not that big.” Does a cock have to be 4 foot long before we are impressed? No. When it comes to photos of celebrity cocks online people are either in the it’s big or it’s tiny camp. There doesn’t seem to be any acknowledgement of the reality of the very normal size cock. Besides, can we please acknowledge that Orlando has been in the water and still looks quite nice to me.

More power to you Orlando. If you are a regular nudist or if you are not, you’ve just planted the seed in a lot of people’s minds that not all nudity has to be sexual. Why not paddle board nude in Italy with friends. I certainly wasn’t aware how rocking his body was. Forgive me but I cropped Katy out of these photos. No one is here to see her anyway.