This blog, as is clearly evident, is skewed towards nudism. With that in mind I’m curious about how many of you are actually nudists? I currently share a house with a non-nudist who wouldn’t be comfortable with me walking around nude. Nor would I be comfortable being nude around him. That statement seems strange for a nudist I know but there are just some people I don’t want to be nude around. He is also someone I don’t really want to see nude.

If at some stage he walks in on me nude or I see him nude it’s not going to cause any problems but it’s not something I’m going to encourage.

So I’m curious, who wanders around nude at home? Is it just people who live with their partner or are there some magical shared housing situations where nudity is perfectly acceptable? I’d love to hear your stories in the comments section.

When I know my housemate isn’t home and isn’t expected back any time soon I will definitely get my gear off quick smart. Who doesn’t like being able to have their morning coffee naked?