My office is not at all a politically correct work place. There are only five of us in the office and we have covered all sorts of topics over the years that I’ve been there. My boss is recently separated from his wife and another colleague from her husband. We were joking that my boss needed to go and get laid because he was in a really funny mood. That led to the topic of sex which then led to a discussion about numbers of partners. For women it’s a very tough world when they are judged for having too many partners and too few. Too many and they are a slut, too few and they are a prude. It’s not fair at all.

Then, as the token gay in the office they asked what my number was. My female colleague said “I bet it’s over 100 isn’t it?” I qualified my answer with the statement that by the standards of a lot of guys I know I’m a very dull gay man in terms of my numbers but that I’ve given up counting. She asked for a number and I guessed it would be somewhere between 300 and 400.

Some of you will be judging me negatively and others will be saying well done. I’m far from a prude but I’m also a long way behind lots of my friends. My sex life could be a lot better but I need to work on my confidence issues before that’s going to radically improve. Right now my numbers aren’t stacking up.