Sorry for the lack of posts this week gang. I’ve been pretty busy but didn’t have a lot of inspiration. I promise to try harder this week.

Yesterday I finally tried my hand (or should that be feet?) at slacklining. It is so bloody hard but also a lot of fun. The two guys that were teaching us were really nice guys. The eight of us in the class all had a lot of laughs despite not a lot of success. The instructors said we did really well but I’m not convinced.

My best effort was on the longer line which is actually more wobbly but I managed five steps in a row before falling off. Sadly we were all trying with one of the instructors sitting on the line to help stabilise it so heaven knows how we are going to go when it’s just the line all wobbly with no one sitting on it. The guys said, very accurately that you can’t really be thinking about anything else. It was very true. As soon as another thought crept into your mind, even if it was “holy shit, I took two steps!” that’s when you fall. So I can see the appeal of it not only for the physical challenge but also as a kind of meditation. You are so focused on not falling that all the other stresses just go away.

I’ve got two more classes and I have a feeling I’ll be doing more slacklining in the future.