One of the sub-groups that I really wanted to photograph for the #barenakedtruth project was gay families. One guy I know expressed an interest in joining in the project but ultimately he did not but when he said maybe I thought he and his husband would be great. We did photograph several couples and they were some of the most rewarding for me. Seeing that genuine affection and connection was beautiful. Nearly everyone of the 100 that we photographed were nervous but seeing that nervous energy turn into playful affection with the couples really made me smile.

When I thought of my friend and his husband I also thought it would be adorable to shoot the two of them with their gorgeous little son that they had through a surrogate about 4 years ago. Then I remembered that the world can be a sad and vicious place and people would see a beautiful discreet nude photo of two loving fathers and a son and cry about child porn or pedophilia.

Sure, there are bad people in the world but they are far outnumbered by the good ones and these two guys are working damn hard to keep a very happy, loving home life and their little boy is a very happy well-adjusted little kid. A while ago I wrote about a photo I had seen on instagram of a father and his two little boys, nude on the shore of a lake in Sweden. It was an adorable photo of a much healthier attitude towards nudity than the U.S/Australian one where parents can’t be nude in front of their children without vile accusations. I still won’t post that photo for fear of recrimination.

As a result, there is a bit of a gap in our photographic project which is a shame, but a necessary omission I’m afraid.