The #barenakedtruth project was a fantastic exercise in body image and accepting yourself. Sadly it would seem I didn’t get the memo. The 99 other people dived into the project with an open mind even though some of them have been completely at odds with their own bodies since birth and others wear their scars or stretch marks with pride.

On Saturday morning before the first of the volunteer models arrived, I had my photos taken by the guy organising the project and today I’ve been in a horrible mood because I hate how my body looks. My body and I have always had a bit of a strained relationship. As a kid I was self conscious because I was so skinny and now I am unhappy because I’m struggling to keep weight off. All those years of taking my body for granted and it’s now fighting back by not doing all the things I want it to do. I’m a self confessed vain queen and I’m really struggling with the aging process.

What am I doing about it? Trying new things in the gym to motivate myself and get some results is a start. Eating healthier is another step that I am struggling to take. Discipline with food has never been a strong point. The last thing that I’ve decided to commit to is self portraits. That sounds weird I know but I’ve toyed with the idea of a range of self portraits before as a purely creative exercise but now I want to do it as a way to grow to accept my changing body if not learn to like it. Once a month I’m going to create a fully finished and creatively executed self portrait. Let’s see how it goes.