After five long days of shooting, the #barenakedtruth project is finished the photography stage. Yesterday was a day that threw some curve balls at us. Josh that is the instigator and driving force behind the project was feeling ill yesterday and that developed into some very concerning chest pains so he spent the vast majority of the day in hospital being checked up. Thankfully it doesn’t seem to be anything serious although he’s still not comfortable.

That meant I was greeting, doing release forms, herding people through and doing the photography from about 1pm to 10pm. Thankfully the inspiring, amazing, sad, fascinating stories of the people I was photographing more than made up for the stresses. When you hear about peoples stories it really puts some of your own problems in perspective.

Before this project I’d photographed one nude woman and two topless women. Now that number is closer to 30 or more plus a surprising number of trans men and women at all different stages of their transitions. To see all these people of all different shapes and sizes, some of them who have been at odds with their bodies for years, embrace this experience and put themselves out there has been so much fun and very enlightening.

I know nude women isn’t the usual material for this blog but I’m very proud of this project.