Kissing. It’s a very personal thing and it seems very susceptible to chemistry. I’ve had people that I could kiss for hours without going any further and I will be turned on and as satisfied as it’s possible to be. Other guys I might be able to have some hot sex but the kissing is just not there. Usually if the kissing is off then the rest is off but not always.

Some guys save kissing for a relationship and when it’s just a casual encounter they don’t bother. I don’t apply such rules. On my way home from a friend’s place just this evening, I stopped by a football field grandstand that is between our houses that is a bit of a cruising area and found a guy getting a blowjob from another guy. The guy on his knees was doing a good job by the looks of it and the guy on the receiving end beckoned me over to join in. There wasn’t much I could do because they had a rhythm going and both got across the finishing line they were aiming for. While he was getting a good blow job the one that beckoned me over was groping my butt, and I his. I would have happily had a good kiss but he wasn’t up for it.

A good kiss while getting a blow job is great fun but he was a guy that just liked to be serviced I think. Seems a shame but I guess it is what it is. Since they both got what they were looking for I’ve come home without a kiss or anything more. Standard.