Over the course of the last two weekends I’ve photographed 74 people for the #barenakedtruth project and the vast majority of them I don’t know. Some of them I’ve photographed before but that would only be about 4 so far. Others I’ve known through friends or they have become good friends of mine themselves. Of course they are posing nude so there is a slight awkwardness at first when they take off the robe to start the shoot. So now I’ve seen a few more of my friends nude than I have before. Obviously for me it’s not an issue as I’m always going to nude beaches and hanging out with nudie mates.

There are still some friends that I’ve not been nude in front of and would feel very odd about it if I were. That is mostly because it would be very uncomfortable for them given their different attitudes towards nudity etc. One friend in particular still comments 9 months after I posted full frontals of myself on here about how he’s scared to read the blog just in case.

In years gone by it was perfectly normal for male friends to be nude together. YMCA swimming pools were mandatory nude swimming for men and by all reports it just was not an issue. When did it change? Was it a growing visibility and acceptance of homosexuality making straight men more uncomfortable? Or has it been the increased pressure to have a certain physique adding body image issues to the mix that women have had to suffer for a lot longer? Maybe in recent times it’s been compounded by camera phones and people worrying about being photographed.

Whatever the reason it’s a real shame that people are so uptight these days. If the #barenakedtruth project has taught me anything, it’s that no matter what your shape you can love the skin you are in and be comfortable with it. I’m still learning to love my aging body but working on it.