When DNA share their Insta Stud I usually have a quick look and move on. A few of them have made my Instalicious posts and joined the list of people I follow for a good perve. Every now and then they share someone that stops me in my tracks. We all know I’m a sucker for the ridiculously pretty guys and Roo Hamer is one of them, but instead of serving up the usual affected boredom facial expressions of a lot of fitness models there is a twinkle in Roo’s eyes and a smile at play not far from the surface.

Given that I’ve just eaten a fast food meal with only 5 days until I have to pose for my own photos for the #barenakedtruth project I really do need a bit of gymspiration and I think Mr Hamer fits the bill perfectly. He’s ridiculously hot, with an unattainable body that I’ll never have and nor would I ever make the sacrifices necessary. Food and a nice glass of wine or a cold beer are far too pleasurable.

If you are interested, Roo is a bodyweight personal trainer in the UK and is a model and kite surfer in his “spare” time.