Today we start the second (very full) weekend of photographing people for the #barenakedtruth project. It’s been a very rewarding and eye opening experience for me so far. The idea behind the project is that you can’t hate someone whose story you know. People’s stories have been fascinating. Norrie is the pioneer who transitioned from male to female who then stopped hormones and now identifies as somewhere in between. To Tom who said that he used to feel like a passenger in his own skin and that his reflection disgusted him.

One of the guys who is posing today is an actor and a very good looking guy with a really fit body but he is still nervous. He and I were chatting on facebook about the shoot and the topic of insecurities came up. He said he had plenty of those. That comment confirmed something that I’ve been thinking for a while. I’ve photographed some of the most beautiful guys in Sydney and a lot of them are just as insecure as those people who don’t fit the hot model image.

This project has given me faith in the people of the LGBT community. Some of the most warm hearted people have come and left themselves vulnerable in front of my camera. Vicki posed last Sunday and yesterday she had a double mastectomy in her fight against breast cancer. I am very grateful for everyone bringing their vulnerability and using that as a motivation to be bold and expose their #barenakedtruth for this project.

Freedom Trailer from Brenton Parry on Vimeo.