On the weekend I found these images via the Accidental Bear. There is very little in formation to go with them. I am guessing from the little information that I have that they are the work of photographer Manuel Moncayo. I really love the relaxed, easy nature in which the men are all nude with each other. That is probably from a combination of two things. Their German-ness and the fact that (I’m assuming) they are a group of gay men who have probably, or will probably hook up.

I don’t say that in any judgemental kind of way. A lot of gay men, including myself have become great friends with people I’ve dated or hooked up with in the past. Most gay men have slept with at least some of their friends.

The relaxed way these guys are all just hanging out exploring the fields and woodland nude is so lovely. This pretty much epitomises the feeling I get from social nudity and relaxing nude in the sun. When I try and explain how liberating and freeing it is to people who haven’t tried it, this is the feeling I’m trying to express. Yes, we all look and check out everyone’s junk to see how we compare but that’s it. It’s another part of the body. Now let’s relax.