As a photographer, when I deliver the final product to the client or, for my own creative work it is the final product. During a shoot of an hour or so I will take about 300 images. Then I will select the ones that I think are the best and begin the editing process. Sometimes that means lots and lots of work, adjusting colours, bringing out more details, reducing others and making lots of creative decisions to fully suit my creative “vision”. As the artist I am fully within my rights to change my mind and revisit that editing down the track but once it’s online that is it.

Today a model that I photographed reposted one of his images which I always appreciate. Unfortunately he adjusted the tone of the image making it much lighter and cropped out the watermark thereby cutting any credit for myself out of the image and making what is a larger project, all about him. It’s a very disappointing thing for someone to do. In this day and age of digital imagery and Instagram filters it is an unavoidable reality but it is one that I do not agree with.

I have now photographed this model twice and both times he has been late and a bit unprofessional. I have also seen some other behaviour on social media that doesn’t really sit well with me so I think I will step back and just not work with him again.

As a word of advice to anyone who has had professional images taken by a photographer, by adding filters, cropping or altering the image you are reducing all the photographers hard work, training and skill to very little. We are paid to do what we do because we are good at it. Hands off. I won’t tell you how to do your job if you don’t try and do mine for me.

P.S. The model is none of the lovely models in the images above.