I’m a bit late in posting this but that’s mostly because I was late taking my photos. We are a month into the fitness challenge and I’m sure I’ve gone backwards. Last week I was sick and didn’t train at all. This week I think I’m almost back up to speed and just a bit tired from the weekend so I hauled my arse out of bed for the gym this morning. Visually there is no change for the better for me yet. That takes more work than I’ve been putting in. Gotta get back in that saddle.

Damien, on the far right has lost four kilos already (nearly 9lb) which is fantastic since he has some health issues stopping him hitting the gym. He’s been making good food choices and trying to get out and about. Great work Damien! It’s great to note that as someone living with depression, Damien has just picked up his life with his husband and moved back to the U.S. and has been smiling a lot more in his photos. The change has been good for you buddy.

Derek has joined in the challenge. He’s a reader from SoCal and also has a medical issue stopping him hitting the gym in the form of a hernia. Derek basically wants to just tone up a bit to feel better and be (even) more comfortable than he already is naked down at Blacks Beach with his mates.