This weekend I began shooting for the #barenakedtruth project. Prior to this I had photographed exactly one nude woman several years ago. There were a couple of other pregnant women that went topless but nude, the tally was one. In the space of one weekend I have now taken that tally up by several. I’ve also added a few members of the trans community to that list as well and to be honest I feel very privileged.

While I’ve often felt like the LGBTIQ+ community is fractured and not all that cohesive, this weekend I’ve seen the other side. There really are way more reasons to feel like we are all part of a shared journey than walking separate roads. No matter what our coming out story is or when we have done it in life, we have all faced uncertainty, fear and mostly a sense of relief once we are out. There has been a real sense of liberation, unity, joy and fun in the shoots so far. 32 portraits down, 50 next weekend and more the following Saturday.

I’ve had the honour of shooting a 57 year old trans woman who is two years into her transition and has a brand new vagina. I’ve shot two couples, one of them gay, the other lesbian and that was beautiful. One of the most inspiring stories was the gorgeous funky lesbian who is battling breast cancer, gave the most amazing hug when she arrived and is facing a double mastectomy this week. She’s emotional but brave and she may even come back and shoot after he surgery.

Getting people out of their comfort zone, nude, in front of a camera seems to inspire a sense of freedom and playfulness rather than fear and I’m very grateful. Sadly I can’t share any of the images just yet, but as they go live tomorrow I’ll show some of them later in the week.

Aussielicious Men Trailer from Brenton Parry on Vimeo.