Once again, Australia is at the voting booths today. Will we have our 6th Prime Minister in 6 years or will Malcolm Turnbull be re-elected? If he is returned to power let’s hope he finally starts showing some backbone and making changes. If not, why on earth did he wrestle power from his incompetent predecessor?

I have voted for the opposition. Essentially most of their policies are vague and similar to each other but while Turnbull has stuck to his predecessor’s plan on a national vote on Marriage Equality that is non-binding and even some of his own party have said they will ignore, Mr Shorten has said that marriage equality is the first piece of legislation he will put to Parliament and it will happen in the first 100 days. This is a huge step in Australian politics. Both the PM and Opposition Leader support marriage equality but far too often they are held back by deals done with their conservative factions. For Mr Shorten to boldly state and promise to make the change, it is a defining difference.

Sadly we have a long way to go in terms of awareness. Speaking to my own parents this morning, they are voting for the current leading party which is up to them of course, but it means they are voting essentially to support a national vote on whether I am allowed to marry. I don’t get that right to vote on straight people’s marriages. Let Parliament do their job and avoid the national campaign which from the No team will be vicious and riddled with lies about pedophilia, beastiality, polygamy and scare tactics. I’m sad that even my own parents aren’t aware of the situation.