We have all spent time looking for how to do something on youtube. These days you can find instructions for whatever it is you are trying to achieve. Along with that comes a lot of people who think they can teach but probably shouldn’t. I’ve given up on many tutorials because the person presenting is just awful and boring to listen to. Lately I’ve been watching lots and lots and lots of photography behind the scenes videos or instructional tutorials and this week I found Thomas Heaton. Thomas is a professional photographer in the UK who takes absolutely beautiful landscape photos.

Landscape photography is not my strong point. I haven’t really tested myself but it’s something I’d like to do more of and after watching Thomas’ videos on his youtube channel I want to bugger off into the Australian countryside more than ever with a tripod, my camera, camping gear and a sense of adventure. Thomas’ videos aren’t tutorials as such but videos of his adventures in Iceland, Norway, Wales, Scotland and all sorts of places camping and taking his gorgeous photos. He does go into some detail about what he’s doing with his setup and why so it’s been a fantastic insight into good landscape photography. Thomas also keeps his videos light hearted and relaxed rather than trying to show off or talk down to the viewer which makes it so much more fun.

Now I think I just need to grab my tent and drive for a couple of hours and see what Australia has to offer my lens.