A month or two ago, a friend who lives interstate put me in touch with a friend of his on Instagram. Andrew, aka Aquabluemodel also lives interstate but travels for work quite a bit. My friend thought that we should collaborate on a photo shoot so last time he was up we caught up for a drink to meet, get a vibe of each other and discuss ideas. Andrew has done some great shoots and is a really lovely guy. Lo and behold, he’s coming up for this weekend so we are hitting the studio to do a shoot.

I haven’t really done any shoots for a couple of months and outdoor shoots aren’t really feasible at the moment because it’s very cold here and no sane model would say yes if I asked them to get nude outside. After giving some thought to ideas and the direction I want to take for a while I’m thinking a series of photos similar in vibe to my Shrouded series is the way I want to go. Studio based, interesting slightly bonkers props or styling and beautiful men.

Andrew and I are going to be working on two different setups this Sunday morning. It’s going to be great to get back in the studio. It’ll be a great warm up for the following weekend which will be full to the brim of naked LGBTIQ+ people braving my lens for the #barenakedtruth project.