There are certain things that have happened in my lifetime that are great that I never thought I’d see. The Berlin Wall coming down. The end of Apartheid in South Africa. Marriage Equality and LGBT rights advancing rapidly. That kind of thing.

There are other things happening right now that absolutely terrify me. The fact that Trump is even a candidate, let alone the Republican nominee to run the U.S. is one of the most scary things I’ve ever seen. He is so arrogant, ill informed, violent, quick to lie and racist that he will have the whole world at war in about a week and a half and then tell you he’s winning as America gets blown up. His tweet to Scotland saying they were happy to leave the EU was just an example of his irresponsibility.

Britain voting to leave the EU isn’t quite as scary but it’s a ridiculously ignorant thing to do. The financial ramifications are already being felt. Ireland and Scotland will probably push to become independent as well. I honestly don’t think a lot of the UK knew exactly what they were voting about. All of the free movement through Europe they’ve enjoyed for 40 years will cease. What will happen to all the Brits living in Spain and France? Interestingly in the 24 hours since the vote, the second most common search about the EU on google within the UK has been “What is the EU?” Shouldn’t that research have been done before voting?

Our own government is promising a costly and stupid public vote on Marriage Equality if they are re-elected next weekend but now they have announced that they won’t bind their Members of Parliament to vote along with the public opinion when it arrives in Parliament. What’s the point?

Where did common sense and doing what is right for the population go? I know that politics is full of self serving egotists but this is getting out of hand. Intelligence and practicality have been squashed by PR and news sound bites.