Unlike the U.S. system where the Supreme Court ultimately decided to legalise gay marriage, here in Australia we don’t need to change the constitution. We just need to tweak the marriage act. Ireland had a public vote in the form of a referendum to allow gay marriage and our current ruling political party have decided to have a Plebiscite. A plebiscite is a non-binding national vote to gauge public opinion. There is a growing discontentment with this vote. It’s going to cost $160million (if the same political party is returned to power after our election in two weeks time) and it is going to be a dirty and nasty campaign from the anti-gay community.

Today we saw our Treasurer say he’d been exposed to hatred and bigotry because of his anti-gay beliefs. Seriously? A white, straight, middle aged christian wouldn’t know what bigotry is. Well technically he does but from the side dishing it out.

I’d like to address a couple of points that are constantly brought up by the anti-gay side. “Think of the children”. I’m not sure what they think happens when gay people get married but their friends certainly don’t steal children from straight couples and give them to the happy couple as a wedding gift. All kids deserve male and female role models in life sure, but that doesn’t need to be parents. Besides, kids of gay parents often end up with two dads and two mums!

“It will destroy marriage”. If I were to get married it would effect exactly zero straight marriages. It’s not a nightclub with a one-in, one-out policy. Not one straight marriage will be destroyed by gay marriage. There’s just nothing else to argue about that.

With this plebiscite there will be a huge number of kids being told that they, or their gay parents are wrong, evil and not to be tolerated. It won’t be good.