This week I had a friend request out of the blue on Facebook. Thinking it was for the photo shoot project, I accepted. It turns out it was a guy that thinks he’s seen me on Grindr. He starts flirting and telling me he thinks I’m hot etc which is all very flattering but I look at his photos and his details and he is less than half my age.

Now before you all jump up and down at me and say there’s nothing wrong with an age difference, you are right but just the way this guy was communicating emphasised how young he was. When I told him I wasn’t interested because he was way too young he said “What’s the problem? I wouldn’t have messaged you if I wasn’t interested.” That’s great but do I get a say in that? I’ve come across this before where someone gets offended when you aren’t interested. They just expect that because they are interested then it’s all on.

He then followed up with “Not often you find a nice guy and then his not even interested.” Ignoring the bad grammar I pointed out that I get lots of guys not being interested in me. It’s kind of expected in the world of Grindr etc isn’t it? When he realised I wasn’t going to change my mind he got a bit sulky and unfriended me which only confirmed that he was too young for me. It was an interesting interaction first thing in the morning.