When I find an image I like somewhere I try and figure out who the model and the photographer is. Sometimes they are the same person.

This week I came across the image above on Tumblr and very thoughtfully whoever had posted it had posted a caption telling me that it was a self portrait by Nick Turner. That image in particular was attractive because it’s a hot body, nude in nature. It wasn’t wildly creative but it resonated with me. Of course I went searching and googled “self portrait by Nick Turner” and that’s when I found his beautiful self portraits with and on some beautiful horses.

Nick first started taking self portraits when he was in Iceland and found himself on an isolated beach. Growing up with a grandmother who was an artist and living in Europe as a child has influenced Nick’s creative approach to viewing the world. That approach was also influenced by growing up around horses which he clearly has an affinity with.

I hope that Nick keeps shooting both self portraits and other imagery because he is a talented man.