The devastating shooting in Orlando overnight has got me all riled up. The fact that in 2016 a mentally unstable man on the FBI watch list can obtain an automatic weapon is absolutely absurd but that’s just one of the things making me angry. Donald Trump’s gloating tweet that he was right about radical Islam is pretty high on my list as well.

Someone has compiled a bunch of screenshots of tweets. The tweets are all from U.S. Politicians “praying for Orlando” but a guy has tweeted the donations they accepted from the NRA to block gun reform. How on earth can these people have clear conscience when they have effectively aided this massacre? There is absolutely no need for the general public to have such free access to weapons. The U.S. obsession with the second amendment terrifies me.

The last thing that is making me angry is this list of people happy about all the gays being killed. This thinking is so outdated and vile in it’s complete lack of compassion. I will not be praying for Orlando as it’s been proven in the hundreds of shootings since Sandy Hook (over 900 mass shootings) that prayers are not the solution. Reform is the solution. It worked here in Australia all those years ago and if the U.S. Senate had the guts to stand up to the NRA it would work there too.