Dick Savvy, aka the Naked Barber is also now dabbling in the world of porn as well as offering his nude barber and grooming services. Dick posted a video this week of him giving one of his co-stars a good grooming before they shot some porn. It’s a very sexy video to watch even though neither of them are particularly what I would call “my type”. I’ve always been a fan of seeing guys nude in sensual bonding or even just casual situations. Neither of the guys gets an erection or anything in this video because they are so used to nudity and the main event was to come later. Can we please take a moment to appreciate just how amazing Ray Dalton’s balls are? Huge!

I’ve had a haircut and a ball shaving from Dick several years ago and he is very good at what he does. After seeing this video earlier this week I had a conversation with someone about how sexy I find it being exposed and vulnerable like this. There is nothing appealing to me about humiliation or dom/sub role play but when I have tried having my balls waxed or when Dick shaved me I find it very sensual lying there exposed. It’s not a blatantly sexual event involving blow jobs or ejaculation but being nude for a massage and not draped in a sheet, or having someone shave your balls is a different kind of touch to sex and it’s one I find so good. Maybe it’s a substitute for the intimacy I miss being single.