Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Asexual. There are a lot of variations on human sexuality and some are treated with more legitimacy than others. Bisexual people, while having more options at the sexual buffet of life are constantly told that they just haven’t made up their mind what they hunger for. Those asexual folks seem to inspire shock or disbelief most of the time. I can’t imagine what it’s like to have no interest in sex at all.

A new one to me, thanks to the wonders of Tumblr is Solosexual. It basically means what you think it means. I found a guy in Melbourne, Australia who dabbles in penetrative or oral sex from time to time but for him the main course at the buffet is masturbation. Solo sexual doesn’t necessarily mean he’s eating alone. Most of the time he’s just not sharing his meal. This guy LOVES to jack off. He loves being watched jacking off, but can also happily masturbate for ages.

I love a good wank too and a wank with company is great fun but most of the time that just means I want to taste the other dishes on offer. The way a meal looks is only part of the fun. A meal shared is a real bonding experience.