Tonight when I turned up at circus class, one of the girls there reminded me that I committed to doing a routine at the next performance night. I’d completely forgotten about that promise but now I have four weeks to get my sorry arse ready for a performance and put together a routine.

I’ve been trying for ages to find a piece of music that resonates for me and works well for a routine. When in doubt go with Kylie. I’ve always said there is a Kylie song for any occasion and this is another one of those times. Given the short time frame I pretty much had to decide tonight and the piece I’ve decided on is a camp burlesque rendition of Locomotion that Kylie did live in New York about six years ago. I’ll be going for laughs and saucy campery with this routine. In the past I’ve made the mistake of not having enough of a character to hide behind so a bit of a Frank’N’Furter vibe is what is going to happen.

Check out the Kylie version below.