It’s official, the 2016 Aussielicious Fitness Challenge is off and running. So far there are only two challengers but I know of at least one more that wants to take part and I’m sure others will want to join in along the way.

The two photos on the left are my “before” shots taken on Thursday morning at the gym. My goal is to lose a bit of body fat but keep some muscle and hopefully put some on. My butt needs to go back up a little bit closer to where it used to be too. Now that I’ve committed to a photo shoot in about 6 weeks I need to work hard.

Damien on the right is a long time friend of Aussielicious. Damien has been very open about his struggles with depression and also has some health issues which have stopped him doing much in the past. With a big geographical change in his living arrangements this challenge is giving him something to focus on. His goal is to lose some weight so that he can get back into a favourite past time of his from years ago. Damien used to be a professional Ballet dancer and would love to be light enough to do that again without any problems.

It’s all about the goals people! If you want to join in the 2016 Fitness Challenge just email in your “before” photos and join in the fun. By fun I mean sweat and tears.