Aussielicious has featured the photographic work of Joel Devereux several times and I am lucky enough to now consider him a friend. He is heavily involved in the burlesque scene in Brisbane as well as shooting beautiful men and all sorts of imagery. Joel is currently working on a project called #FOODPORN that is destined to become an exhibition next year. Just a hunch but I’d see it becoming a very popular book too.

Joel is coming to Sydney to shoot in August and is hunting more models for the #FOODPORN series. I commented on his Facebook post that if I were younger and prettier that I would do it and Joel replied straight away that the project is open to guys of all age ranges. So what have I done? I’ve committed to getting nude in front of a camera covered in some kind of food substance instead of staying clothed and behind the camera.

That gives me almost three months to get my butt into shape and work hard in the gym. They do say it’s good to have goals and it fits in nicely with the Fitness Challenge giving me a half way progress report and good motivation. There is only so much food Joel can put on me before you don’t even see me so I do need to be in shape for it.

Above are a few of the images that he’s already shot for the series. It looks like a bunch of camptastic messy fun doesn’t it?