Instagram is now one of the mediums for people to become famous. Unlike some of the ways to achieve fame with Instagram you don’t really need to have any discernible talent. Mostly you have to be good looking and have an obsession with taking selfies. I guess that’s how the Kardashians make so much money. There are a couple of people I follow who break my previously mentioned rule about people who only post photos of themselves. Recently I thought I’d just see how many followers one of these guys has. He’s not a professional model from what I know which creates a reason to post a lot of images of yourself. He is hot and has a great body but his images aren’t wildly great. He has over 120 thousand followers.

It’s interesting that we celebrate so enthusiastically all these people whose entire world is themselves. There was an article on tv last night with tips for achieving Instagram success and making money from it and it was stick to your niche. If it’s a travel account just take photos of travel related things. If it’s food stick to food. I guess if you want fame for being self-obsessed (which seems to be a road to celebrity these days) just post photos of yourself.