This morning I dragged my arse to the gym to try one of the crossfit style circuit sessions that my gym does at 6.30 every morning. It’s actually a fairly simple but very effective circuit of about 8 workout stations. It only went for about 20 minutes so I’m now thinking that if I do that for 2 mornings along with some treadmill if I can get over my hatred of all cardio machines and then on the other mornings do some weights to keep some muscle.

I might even see if I can do a trial week at a full on crossfit box. Maybe. Maybe not. I don’t want to get sucked in to the crossfit world completely as it seemed to be quite addictive for a lot of people. That and it is quite expensive.

Remember when that Danish crossfit gym was going to start nude sessions but it turned out to be a hoax, but then it wasn’t entirely a hoax? If that kind of crossfit gym operated here in Sydney I’d be there. The two shots on either end above are from the shots that gym took as part of the hoax. So keep in mind that at some stage even if it was just for a photo shoot that gym actually had a bunch of nude guys working out. Sigh. The other is the ever sexy Khan Porter. Australia’s first professional crossfit athlete who has/had a habit of getting nude with mates. Bless.