It’s time to challenge myself, and to challenge you! I hinted that this might be happening before I left on my holiday and now that I’m back and I’ve looked at the photos I took of myself while away, it’s left me more certain than ever that it’s time to run another Fitness Challenge!

SO. Anyone that wants to take part needs to send a “before” photo in the next week or so. Then on the first of every month send in an update photo. If you are taking part you will need to tell us your goals and your motivations for doing the challenge. At the end of November we will share our “After” photos. There is no prize at this stage unless I come up with something in the process of the challenge.

I think we will run this for 6 months to give everyone a good chance to make some changes and progress. I know that I’m doing it to feel better but also of course for the aesthetic benefits that go along with it. At the moment I’m finding my flexibility and my strength have dwindled badly and I also feel as unattractive as I have ever felt. So what can I do to change it? Mix it up. Train harder and differently. Tomorrow morning I’m joining in with a circuit, almost crossfit style of class they have at my gym. It’s going to hurt.

The photo above is not my before shot. It’s an old shot of me from about 7 years ago that is my goal. I’m never going to be a DNA cover model, nor do I want to sacrifice all the fun in my life to look like one. My “Before” photo will be posted in the next couple of days along with any others that I get. Feel free to get friends to join you in the challenge. The more the merrier and the more motivation. A challenge is better shared!