This morning the cold reality that my holiday was over as I landed in Sydney and the captain announced the temperature. It was about 9 degrees celsius at 6.15 this morning. After a week of 30+ it was a really rude shock.

Bali was not what I expected. Sure the beers and good food and laughs with friends were exactly what I wanted and thought but the chaotic streets were not. The Indonesian people are absolutely some of the nicest I’ve ever come across in my travels. They are so hospitable and eager to please with big beautiful smiles at the ready. This is probably why along with the low cost of travel there that it attracts a large element of what I would call the absolute worst of Australian travellers. Drunk and obnoxious bogans (rednecks/trash) expecting the whole country to change their culture to put up with the revolting devoid-of-class ways.

Thankfully there are also a lot of great travellers there to appreciate the culture and the food etc.

After a week of lying naked by the villa pool and seeing sights tomorrow I’m back to work. It’s going to be a bit bumpy.