I’ve finished work for the week and tomorrow morning I’m off on holiday. A week in hot weather with good friends is exactly what I need right now. Work has actually been fine but it’s been draining for the last couple of months and apart from the occasional long weekend for public holidays it’s been constant since Christmas. I’m certainly not complaining but I will definitely appreciate a week off eating great food and sharing drinks and laughs. It’s that good for the soul kind of stuff.

As much as Bali was never high on my list of places to see it’s always great to see new parts of the world. I love hearing different languages and seeing different cultures. Bali is very much set up for tourists so it’s not like I’m expecting an in depth immersion but it will still be great.

Whenever I take a plane somewhere I realised last year that I can’t help but smile. A plane to me represents an adventure. My latest adventure begins tomorrow. While there is a break on the blog be sure to follow me on instagram (@aussiebrenton) where there will be updates of my naked arse in the villa pool.