Over the past couple of years I’ve become good friends with a couple that I met at the gym. They are great, low attitude high fun kinda people who are just good to be with. A couple of months ago another mate of mine became a wedding celebrant and I happened to be with Ms A having a drink at the pub when I found out that he’d qualified. Ms A and her man Mr B had gotten engaged on Christmas morning. When I told her about my friend she looked at me and said “Could you do that? Would you do that?” My answer was that yes, technically I could and of course I would.

So I have 14 months to do the course to become a wedding celebrant and be accepted. That process shouldn’t take any more than 9 months so I’m signing up as soon as I’m back from my holiday so that I can be a very important part of their special day. I’ve just had dinner and drinks with them and talked about the venue and bits and pieces and it is going to be so special to have the opportunity to officially marry these dear friends.

There is a very real danger, as the sappy romantic that I am, that I will cry the way I did the whole time I was photographing the wedding of my other dear mates last year. I was known at that wedding as the crying photographer and now I may add the crying celebrant to my list of titles.

This video has nothing to do with the story other than being called Celebration. It’s just an excuse to post an old vintage Kylie video that makes me smile.