A blog reader sent me a link tonight on Instagram. Someone had posted an old photo of me that I must have posted on this blog years ago. It is the shot above left. It may have also been stolen from an online profile ages ago and been floating around the internet. It’s kind of funny that someone is using my photo on Instagram but they didn’t actually claim it was them. Their page was filled with various guys that couldn’t possibly all be him.

I looked at the photo and thought wow. Firstly that I was taking such blatantly vain photos trying to be sexy. Maybe I was just getting in ahead of the smart phone selfie obsession? Secondly that I didn’t realise the good bits about my body at the time. I’ve never really appreciated my body when I was in shape and now it’s just getting harder to be in shape. At the time I was happy with how low I was in body fat but I was lucky, at the time I didn’t have to do anything to stay that way. On the flip side of that though is the struggle to put on muscle. Now it’s the opposite situation. I can put on muscle but it’s mostly quite insulated.

When I get back from Bali it might be time for another Aussielicious Fitness Challenge.