Being the last three weeks of Autumn here in Australia, maybe it’s not the best time to do an outdoor shoot in the water. My mate Simon and I had been talking about the idea of doing a shoot for ages and we decided to just get it done before Winter arrives and it really is too cold. So this morning I picked him up at 7am and we went to the South head of Sydney Harbour and Simon bravely took his clothes off and jumped in the water.

The water isn’t freezing cold yet but it certainly wasn’t warm. We had shared some images with each other of what we might like to achieve but the location and the water conditions weren’t quite right to achieve what we’d discussed. Instead we stuck to our vague theme of being a bit lost at sea. The thing with photography is that it doesn’t always give the same message to everyone who looks at it. A friend thought these looked almost playful as if Simon was frolicking in the water.

We did have a laugh because Simon apparently floats really well and didn’t sink. These days I sink better than I float so it was funny watching a naked mate splashing around trying to sink.