Last weekend, while my mate was off doing his course and my housemate was still away out of town I obviously took the opportunity to wander around with no clothes on but it is late Autumn here in Sydney so there is a chill in the air. Thankfully we have a very effective heater. When it is slightly too chilly to be nude but you don’t want the restriction of being fully dressed my first option is for some shirtcocking.

Allegedly the term originated at Burning Man where there seems to be a fair number of guys walking around in a shirt of some kind but with no pants. I’ve seen guys doing it at the beach if they are worried about their shoulders getting sunburnt. Personally I think there are more important areas to be concerned about but each to their own.

This video is quite sexy and sweet. A beary guy exploring a beach and soaking up some wintery sun on his balls wearing a chunky knit would definitely get my attention. He looks like someone I’d hang out with. Who doesn’t love some balls out friends?

ESCAPE from MASCULAR Films on Vimeo.