I’ve been struggling lately with confidence about my photography. I’ve been happy with what I’m producing but I’ve been trying to come up with good creative concepts because I don’t want to produce photos that are just beautiful men. This has come from a couple of conversations at work with my art director, not about my photography but about other things but I’ve been worrying that I have to have a strong creative concept.

That’s not actually true. Sometimes, as these gorgeous photos of Clauss Castro by Wong Sim prove, you just need a great model, good lighting and somewhere to shoot the photos. The strength of these photos proves the point. They are striking and pretty much timeless.

Part of the desire to come up with some creative conceptual work has come from people asking if I’m working on a book or an exhibition which is understandable since the last one was over a year ago and I have done three series, each two years apart. Until that concept comes along, I’m just going to keep photograph people I want to and shoot images that I can. There are ideas in my head but nothing strong enough to carry a whole exhibition at this stage.