Given my tendency to blog about my dating woes and posting lots of hot men, people have often speculated that I’m aiming too high with guys I’m attracted to. Batting out of my league if you will. There’s no doubt that I’ve struck out with guys because they are out of my league, sure but my taste in men is wide and varied.
Yesterday I was flicking through channels on my tv when I landed on a show here in Australia called Landline. It’s all about the health of the environment and is primarily aimed at farmers. Not at all my usual viewing but an environmental specialist was being interviewed about current plans to eradicate Carp from waterways. Thrilling to some, not me, but the guy being interviewed was smoking hot. Then I started looking at him and thinking about what it was that I liked about him.
That was when it clicked. He had some similar characteristics to me. Now before you all jump up and down and call me a narcissist, he was a way hotter version of me, but he had blue eyes and a shaved head. Thinking back over the years about guys that I’ve had crushes on, it would appear that one of my “types” is guys that are better/hotter/fitter versions of myself. Maybe that is narcissistic but they are the guys that I would aspire to be. They have blonde hair but great hair, blue eyes but amazingly blue, jawlines for days and bodies to die for. Think me, recreated by Hollywood.
To get back to the sporting analogy, if I am playing in the local division, they are the guys in the professional league. It’s interesting when you work out a little bit of what is going on in your head. Not sure if it’s going to help me at all, but it is fascinating.