When looking though the photos on social media at the end of a weekend or after a big party there are a few things you’ll see. There will be the obligatory go-go boy shots, someone in a cowboy hat, some guys in leathers, a bunch of guys who look like they have had way more than their fair share of drugs and there is the A-Gay crowd.
Now, being a photographer of the male form, I’ve met a lot of the “A-Gays” in this town and a lot of them are lovely but there are a large portion of them who, judging by their Instagram are a little bit glum. Apparently it’s not very cool to smile in a photo when you are out at a club or at a big dance party. We all know that smiling causes wrinkles and the bod squad have worked far too hard on their body to let a smile ruin their perfect photo.
Quite often you will see a caption under these photographic tributes to botox that says “OMG Best night EVER!” which is lucky because if they didn’t write it, you wouldn’t be able to tell. I mean, if they’ve accidentally let a normal human in the photo behind them, they might be smiling which could be an indication but you’d never know from their facial expression.