Yesterday I had a quiet day around the house. I turned on Netflix from the comfort of my lounge and stumbled across a movie called “4th Man Out”. Now I’ve blogged before about my cynicism with gay films. They are usually filled with 2 dimensional caricatures of gay cliches. For every “Brokeback Mountain” there are a million horrendous “Eating Out” style films. Occasionally a film comes along that shakes that cynicism.

“4th Man Out” is one of those surprises. Adam is a guy in his late 20’s hanging out with his three great mates having poker nights and working as a mechanic. He comes out to them and the film has some laughs and tears in store exploring how they deal with their newly out best mate and try to help him find love. The characters were all guys we can relate to. The whole scenario was real. Every now and then it felt like they were going to venture into implausible territory and give you a Disney ending but they don’t. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good ending that makes you smile and cry a little bit if you are a sook like me. Get on Netflix and watch it!