Refreshing and surprising

Yesterday I had a quiet day around the house. I turned on Netflix from the comfort of my lounge and stumbled across a movie called “4th Man Out”. Now I’ve blogged before about my cynicism with gay films. They are usually filled with 2 dimensional caricatures of gay cliches. For every “Brokeback Mountain” there are a million horrendous “Eating Out” style films. Occasionally a film comes along that shakes that.. Read More

The night of our lives!

When looking though the photos on social media at the end of a weekend or after a big party there are a few things you’ll see. There will be the obligatory go-go boy shots, someone in a cowboy hat, some guys in leathers, a bunch of guys who look like they have had way more than their fair share of drugs and there is the A-Gay crowd. Now, being a.. Read More