On the weekend I thought it was high time that I went and got myself tested for all the various “boy germs”. It had been way too long since the recommended time frame is 6 months. Sure, I may not get a lot of action but there has been some here and there and you never know what your gentlemen callers might be bringing along with them. Obviously precautions are taken but none of them, even PrEP are fool proof and that doesn’t protect you from anything by HIV.

Everyone has to make their own decisions and take responsibility for their own health and I choose to use condoms. I don’t have enough sex to warrant going on PrEP anyway. If I found myself in a relationship with a man that is HIV positive then I would definitely add it to my arsenal of protection but for now it’s unnecessary for me.

So on Saturday I took myself off to the clinic that was conveniently open for drop ins on a Saturday and does the rapid HIV test. It’s amazing that no matter how little sexual activity I’ve had or how safe I’ve been, between the test and getting the results there is always a level of anxiety. Obviously, if I came back positive for something I’d treat what I could and work out the rest. Thankfully for now, everything came back negative. It’s always a relief.