Yesterday morning was another weekend early start for a photo shoot. Once again it was a model that I’ve been talking to about a shoot for at least two years. We were shooting in a location I’ve used before and never had any problems with people being there at that hour of the morning. Yesterday, while we still got the shots we wanted there were some options that we just couldn’t do because people turned up and it’s not a location that you are supposed to have men running around nude.

When we arrived there was a tent right in the area I was planning to start shooting. You aren’t supposed to camp in the National Park but hey, they were and they came out of their tent just after we arrived. Then later on two or three families of what I think were muslims arrived. The women were wearing head scarves and we just pretty much assumed they weren’t going to be ok with a naked man doing a photo shoot.

Andrew is an actor as well as an occasional model and has a really beautifully expressive face. He was great fun to work with and very cooperative, not batting an eyelid when I asked him to roll in the sand. I really love the photo above. It’s not a “pretty” photograph but it has a lot of emotion and expression in it for me.