Have you noticed in the past couple of years, mostly since social media became the main media, that there is no middle ground any more? It’s become almost violently evident with the U.S. Presidential elections this year that you can’t simply have a differing opinion to someone these days. If someone disagrees with you they can’t simply have their opinion and move on in life, they must die a horrible violent death and be publicly denounced on Facebook/Twitter/Snapchat? Similarly if you say something less than glowing about Taylor Swift or Lady Gaga their fans will hound you online until you are crying in the corner afraid to go into the world.

The same can be said at the other end of the spectrum too. You can’t just like something or find it pretty good. There is a level of rabid passion that must accompany your endorsement. It’s not good, it’s AMAZING. It’s not fun it’s OMG THE BEST THING EVER!

On Model Mayhem, the website I use to network and find models, comments can be left on any photo in a portfolio and there is a Picture of The Day competition every day. I am all for encouraging people but I have seen “amazing capture” as a comment under some truly horrendous photography. It seems that if the photo contains someone that the person is sexually attracted to, regardless of how blurry, poorly lit or just plain mediocre the shot is, it will have many variations on “amazing” in the comments underneath.

Some of my own photos that aren’t particularly good have ringing endorsements underneath them and I think, “Really? That’s not one of my best by any stretch” but I guess that is the thing with social media and being online. We can all be as enthusiastic as we like, the recipient won’t see it in our face.