A friend shared this video a couple of days ago on Facebook and it just made me smile. Being a (very) amateur aerialist as well as a graphic designer and photographer means I have some possibly too high standards when it comes to circus inspired videos. Most of the time there isn’t a lot of creativity in the way they are filmed or the soundtrack that goes with them. Of course copyright issues influence that last part and good free music is hard to come by.

So when a video like this one comes along it really makes me smile. This is a creative collaboration and experiment between the gymnast and slackline expert Louis Boniface and classical violinist Olivier Pierre. The project was art directed by Nicolas Romieu and it is just rich with style and class. The footage has all been graded (toned & adjusted) beautifully and the music, photography and action all work really beautifully together.

Slacklining is something I would really love to have a go at learning. Time for some research into classes in Sydney. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to go and watch Louis bounce and flip around a bit more on his youtube channel.