Last night I submitted photos of Laria (above) to Themaleform, a website I’ve had a model on before and struggled to find willing models for. It would seem that not only do I have to find models willing to pose frontal and erect, I have to make sure they are the right colour too. This post is in NO WAY criticising Dylan who runs the site. He’s just making decisions to get the most financially out of his business. It turns out that the gay “community” is even more racist than I thought.

Not only do we litter our profiles with lists of all the people we won’t sleep with, we won’t even look at hot men of colour with a big old boner. That’s right. Themaleform doesn’t accept photo sets of black men because the subscribers don’t want them. An Australian gay magazine that is published around the world has said essentially the same thing to me before. When the magazine published an edition with a black man on the cover sales here dropped by 15% and sales in the U.S. dropped by 50%! That is outrageous.

I will now be making a very concerted effort in my own photography to be more racially diverse. Yes, most of my photography features white guys but not exclusively. People are always going to have a preference in who they find attractive and what appeals to them in a photograph but it can’t hurt for photographers, websites and publications to offer a more broad range of types which may hopefully encourage some widening of tastes.