I may not have been a die-hard fan, but there is no denying that Prince was a force to be reckoned with. His Diamonds & Pearls album was in my collection in my early days of buying music, with it’s sexy lyrics and addictive beats.

Prince may have toned down his blatant sexuality once he discovered Jehovas Witness later in his career but the man was still very edgy, sensual and about as cool as can be. It’s amazing that kids that are effeminate at school get picked on but the world is mourning, deservedly, a man who wore heels, eyeliner and very camp outfits.

Prince reportedly played 21 instruments, and is renowned for playing most of the instruments on his early albums. By all reports he was absolutely amazing on stage. It seems that modern pop stars could learn a LOT from the legends that we have lost of late. Heaven just got a little more purple.