I’m really quite a big fan of big balls. Big balls that hang low and bounce around as someone walks along the nude beach are always fun to watch. There’s a guy that I used to see at the nude beach I go to who was hung and had massive low hanging balls. When he walked up and down the beach, which he did a lot, it was lie watching a tennis match. The entire beach was turning their head from side to side as those things swung from side to side bouncing off his thighs.

This video is supposedly some high art tribute to another artist featuring a porn star Brad Rock. I’ll have to go google his work to see if he is as attractive from the front as he is from this angle. Watching these big low balls swinging around is so hypnotic. I love a good pair of smooth balls. It still surprises me when I “meet” someone and discover they have hairy balls. What man doesn’t at least trim these days?
Update: It seems you have to watch this video on vimeo, not on here. I suggest you do.

Francesco Vezzoli, The Return of Bruce Nauman's Bouncing Balls, 2006 from KALEIDOSCOPE Videoclub on Vimeo.