On Sunday last weekend I photographed the lovely Laria again. This time we got more bold shooting some nude, erect frontals for themaleform.net

It’s a very different photo shoot asking someone to get hard for a camera. There are new levels of diplomacy to be used compared to even a regular nude (non-frontal) shoot. You have someone who is very vulnerable, no matter how confident they are, and they pretty much have to stop and keep masturbating in front of you. Thankfully Laria is very comfortable in who he is and had no qualms about it.

I’m also trying to broaden my horizons in terms of my models. There aren’t many black models in Sydney so it’s a nice change to be able to photograph a really nice guy like Laria and work with different skin tones. So I’m now on a mission to work with models of different ethnic backgrounds.

The video below is not Laria but a good example of another hot black man completely shaved, just like Laria.

ARTEO Photo ~ Getting Wet With Mardi – VERS.II from The Naked Black Guy on Vimeo.